For Client  

ABC Staffing offers the following professional services to it’s new and existing clients across India.

A robust recruitment service which begins with taking a complete and thorough brief from our clients so that we fully understand the organisation, its culture and the requirements of the role. Each assignment is managed by a lead consultant who ensures that clear lines of communication are established from the outset. A well briefed team of consultants and co-ordinators provide the necessary support and are responsible for liaising with candidates and the administration of their applications. All applications are monitored to comply with best practice governing diversity and equal opportunities.
Our recruitment process

  Understanding client organisation with regard to existing business activities, organisation structure & culture, and future growth plans.
  Mapping position-specific competencies including job title, principal accountabilities, key result areas, authority, external/internal contacts, reporting and supervisory relationships, working conditions/environment, job specifications, approximate compensation, location and other relevant details.
  Identification of candidates either from ABC's massive existing database or by advertising for the position.
  Competency-based interviewing, training and relevant behavioral questionnaires to prepare a shortlist with recommendations to client.
  Presenting the shortlisted candidates.
  Helping negotiate the offer including compensation structures.
  Follow-up with client and candidate subsequent to candidate joining the organisation to ensure satisfaction on both sides.

Contingency Solutions
Our database is a key part of our successful candidate generation process. In some circumstances it can be a time effective method of locating candidates but it is commonly used as a highly effective tool for networking with existing contacts to generate new leads and ultimately the best candidates.